Are you looking for free Unlimited Toon Blast Lives?

Well, we have some proven solution to get free Unlimited Toon Blast lives. You can use these 05 Toon Blast hack to get unlimited lives in Toon Blast.

05 Awesome Methods to get Unlimited lives in Toon Blast

1. Join Active Groups

If you are actively playing Toon Blast, then you may notice that after reaching level 20, you will get Team Icon in your Dashboard. Check your 3puzzle board dashboard and join any active team.

One thing which you can get from joining any team is free lives in Toon Blast. You can click on the “Ask Lives” button and present in the team chat.

This option will message every active member for any help they can provide for free lives. If any team member helps you, he will be rewarded with game coins for his effort.

Do not hesitate to ask for free lives, and these will give you chances to clear your present level. Asking lives is the biggest addition in the 3puzzle game in Toon Blast, which makes it more attractive to play.

Develop a close relationship with your team-mates and help them with free lives when they ask for it.

2. Get Free Lives when you play

Toon Blast is designed in such a way that it supports long hours of play time. If you are playing Toon Blast for more than 30 minutes, the game will reward you with free lives.

These occasional rewards help to clear any difficulty level as you can use these free lives to clear any levels. Always remember to click on “ask lives” and try to play Toon Blast for more than 30min to get free lives.

3. Get free Stars in Game Chest

You can get free Starts in the Game chest when you keep on playing and earning game stars. There are two types of method to get Game Stars, and they are as follows

  • Receive free chest when you clear level 10
  • Receive free chest when you collect 20 stars

Now when you open these chests, you will find starts and other game goodies which will help you in solving difficult levels.

4. Connect with Toon Blast Facebook Fan page

Facebook fan page of Toon Blast is great hangout where you can meet new players. You need to find out which team is very active and need to join them as team-mates.

Alternatively, you can make new friends and make them join your team and get some free lives.

5. Social media Giveaway

There are many legit social media platforms where you can get free lives of Toon Blast just by participating in the event. These events are called Giveaways; in these, you need to share links.

You can get free lives if you are selected by the owner of the giveaway. Check Toon Blast giveaway in Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Final words

Well, we hope if you follow all the methods given in the website, then you can get unlimited lives. We recommend you all to check out our “Toon Blast Online Tool” which can give you unlimited lives within 3min.