We all love to play Roblox game with all cool assessor for our online game character. But it is very difficult to churn out money every month to purchase Roblox Builder club. So, if you are looking for free Roblox builders club codes, then you can defiantly check out our method which will give you free Roblox builder club within one month.

So, are you ready to play Roblox with free Builders club?

How to get Free Roblox Builders Club in 2019

There are many intriguing methods by which you can get free Roblox Builder Club in 2020, some of them are as follows:

  • GPT Website
  • GPT Apps
  • An online website which provides Robux
  • Join Game developer

Some to the method by which you can earn Robux and upgrade your Builder Club in Roblox game is as follows:

  • Make your own game
  • Exchange game collectives
  • Sell Game passes

 Free Roblox Builders Club working method

Method 1 # GPT Website

If you want to earn free Robux codes or gift card which can be used to purchase Builders club, then you can check GPT website. GPT stands for getting paid to which gives bonus or points for doing small tasks. These points or bonus when accumulated can be exchanged for gift cards. You can purchase builder club using these online gift cards.

There are hundreds of GPT website which claim to give you gift cards or credits which you can use to purchase builders club. But only a few are legit and pay on time, so, be careful when you choose to work on these GPT websites.

Some of the GPT websites are given below

  • Swagbucks
  • Clixsense
  • InboxDollar
  • CashCrate
  • Points Prizes
  • Quick Rewards

Method 2 # GPT App

Like GPT website you can find hundreds of GPT apps which can give you credits or gift cards when you complete the small task on these apps. GPT app is easy to install on Smartphone, and you can complete these tasks on the go. Some of the tasks which you can complete using GPT app are as follows:

  • Install different apps on your Smartphone
  • Install different games on your Smartphone
  • Complete small survey
  • Send emails to certain recipients
  • View video ads
  • Click and follow online instruction
  • Give your valuable opinion on a new product

You can find many GPT apps which can be used to get online credits or gift cards. We have segregated some working and good GPT apps for you.

  • JunoWallet
  • FreeMyApps
  • TapCash Rewards

Method 3 # Online website which provides Robux

There are thousands of the online website which provides free Robux 2020, in that only a few of them are legit and legal. You need to perform a certain task or complete small survey to prove you are human and you may get free Robux.

We did not recommend this method as most of them turn out to be fake, in our research almost 99% of these websites turn out to be fake.  Approach these websites with caution as these websites tend to earn using the survey. As user complete survey they get paid depending on user country and offer which they complete.

Method 4 # Join Game developer

There are many game developers which allow a normal user to give valuable input to there game. Check for these game developers offers in twitter, Reddit or Facebook and join them. You need to provide valuable information on their game development and game logic. You will be given free Builder club in your Roblox account for your support in the game development process.

Game developer want real players and users’ pulse when they make a new game, for this purpose they tend to include players and uses from Roblox game to get the pulse.

Free Builder Club Upgrade method

Free Builder club upgrade method is for those people who have already purchase Builder club. Now if you want to upgrade builders club, you need to pay extra Robux or real money to upgrade your Builder club. You can check these methods by which you can get free builder club upgrade.

Method 1 # Make your Own game

You can make your own game and start generating Robux for yourself. Robux is the game currency of Roblox; you can always get some free Robux when you purchase any Builders club. One of the best things to earn free Robux is to build your own game.

If you don’t know how to code, then you can use Roblox studio software which will make your job easier. Always remember there are tons of template which you can use to build game if you are using Roblox studio software.

Roblox studio software is free to download and very easy to use. Take inspiration from a different game and start building your own game. Do not make a game to get money on the first time itself. Make a game and invite your online friends to play and enjoy the game. You must get valuable information about your game before you start charging for the game.

 Method 2 # Exchange game collectives

You can purchase rare items or collectives and store them for some year to get more price. You can start exchanging collectives for more rare items and rare weapons. Do not go on a spending spree for the rare items. There were many instances when many items did not get seller after trends are over.

So, choose wisely for those items which may stay in fashion or trends after certain years so that you can bank on those items.

Method 3 # Sell Game passes

These are the best method to get some quick Robux depending on your luck. The first check for the game passes for some very popular game. Collect them and wait for the game passes to stop selling. Now you can sell those game passes with some profit to the uses who need them desperately.

Game passes become hot selling commodity whenever any big event being launch on that particular game like new year bonanza, or any event like treasure hunting which involve huge rewards like 5000 Robux.

Final words

You can use our method to earn Free Roblox builders club. We have also summarised how to upgrade codes for Free Roblox builders club.