Hi friends, if you are looking for free Google Play codes 2020, just follow our article and get working method on Play codes. Google Codes are used in purchasing Apps, game apps, eBooks, music, movies, and any monthly subscription in google store.

Google Play Codes are the official money introduced by Google Play Store to buy and premium app or games. You can purchase anything with free Google Play Gift Codes in Google play store without any exchange money.

Feature snippet

  1.  Google Opinion Rewards
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Junowallet
  4. Free My Apps
  5. FeaturePoints
  6. InstaGC
  7. TapCash Rewards

 What are the Services found in Google Play?

Google Play launched on March 06, 2012 to bring all Android app under one roof. You can use many services which are now running under Google Play

  • Google Play Games
  • Google Play Books
  • Google Play Music
  • Google Play Movies & TV
  • Google Play Newsstand
  • Google Play Console

Why you should use Google Play Credit

Google Play Credit can be used in various ways; you can redeem it in Google play store. We have summarized many benefits regarding Google Play credit:

  1. Google Play Credit can be used in google play store to purchase any premium apps or games.
  2. using your Google Play Credit reduce the risk of Credit Card Misuse
  3. With Google Play Credit you can make any payment securely.
  4. Google Play Credit can be stored in your Google Play account for longer times
  5. You can use Google Play Credit for monthly recurring purchase of any app
  6. Use our legit method and add Google Play Credit to your account.
  7. Google Play Credit is used as Official Google Play money; you can purchase anything using this credit
  8. You don’t need to pay any extra money or taxes if you are using Google Play Codes.

How to get Free Google Play Credits?

ways to get free google play credits

We have summarized 7 ways to Get Free Google Play Codes 2018.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is based on survey and is developed by Google Survey team. You will receive a small survey every week, upon completion of that survey you will receive Google Play credits.

Install this on your mobile: Google Opinion Rewards


One of the biggest and legit paying website till date is Swagbucks.com.  You can do a variety of small task and get Google Play Credit as a reward. Swagbucks will provide you small task such as playing games, watch videos, install apps, performing small survey or purchase using their links.

These small jobs will fetch you Swag (which is official points or money in Swagbucks.com), which can be exchanged for your favorite Google Play Credit.

You will get $50 Google play Gift Card in exchange for 5000 Swag points.


Junowallet is app-based point gathering system. You can use Junowallet to get Points which can be exchanged to Google Play credit. You can perform a variety of small jobs to get Gift cards like Installing apps, watching videos, completing the small survey and playing games.

Free My Apps

FreeMyApps is another popular destination for free Google Play credits. You have to perform a small task such as watching the video, playing games, installing apps or games and reaching a certain level. Points can be gained doing small jobs, which can be redeemed to Google Play Credits.


FeaturePoints is another destination where you can get legit Google Play codes for performing small jobs. It also has a points system, where you need to perform a small task to gain points. Earn points by playing games, installing apps and watching videos. It also gives points when you refer any friends using your referral link.


InstaGC gives out Google Play Gift Cards when you perform a small task such as watching videos, installing apps, completing a small survey. You also receive free bonus points when you first sign up. You will get $1 Gift Card when you reached 100 points in InstGC.

 TapCash Rewards

TapCash is the most trustable reward program, which pays to the user to perform a small task. You will receive points depending on the job you’re performed in TapCash. You can do a variety of small jobs such as completing the short survey, playing games, installing different apps, watching videos.

You can get bonus points for linking your Facebook ID to TapCash account. You will also receive bonus points when you refer any friend.

Final words

Now you all know the working method to get free Google Credits. Do not fall prey for online generator google credit; all these websites are a scam. Follow our recommended method and earn without getting any scam. Log daily in your account and do not forget to complete the daily task given on GPT websites. If you find this article worth, share it along with your friends.