About Nintendo

When I was a kid, I love to play “Super Mario,” I love that funny little character which risks his life to save the princess from all the hurdles. That era was called hand-held game console era where everyone plays those cute little characters on hand-held gaming consoles. And then things start to change, and the computer becomes an essential part of our life.

Recent years mobile and again took a giant leap and now every game is on mobile from old games to new 3D games. You will find thousand of game flocking on the internet for your attention.

But if you still like to remember old days, then you can still play every game in a new avatar and new clean environment. Like Super Mario, Legend of Zelda and recent Pokémon. These games are available in Nintendo Switch which you can buy online and play all these awesome games.

Like its counterpart Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo also started online services which give premium services for the customers who brought the membership. Following are the members of Nintendo:

  1. One month – $3.99
  2. Three Month – $7.99
  3. Twelve Month – $19.99

When you opt for online membership, you also get some benefits like

  • You can play over 20 games
  • You can play three chosen games for that month
  • Get cloud storage which can be used to save game data and progress

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Final words

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