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We have summarized eight working method which you can get free likes and followers on your Instagram account.

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Methods to get free, Instagram like legit way?

We recommend you to use our online Instagram tool, but with that, you should also use legit way to gain organic likes and followers on your Instagram profile. We have summarized some methods which will enable you organic Instagram followers.

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Method 1 # Create a great profile

Everything starts with the good beginning; you should focus on making a good Instagram profile.  All the followers will check your profile first; if they did not like your profile picture, then they will not follow you. So invest time in making a great profile and mention your brand name.

If you are promoting any brand, then your profile picture should include a picture of your brand. Always remember, every profile is different, and you should make your profile different from that big influencer who is currently the leader in your field or niche.

Method 2 # Make your Profile Standout

You should make your profile stand out by using good DSLR camera or using a professional photographer to shoot your profile pic or brand. Use highlights features on Instagram which will make your profile stand out from rest of the product in your niche.

Spend some money and invest time to make a great profile which will enable your profile standout form the rest.

Method 3 # Bio is your selling point

Consider yourself are salesmen and make a Bio which can truly describe yourself or your product. You will be having around 150 words on those you need to describe clearly your idea or product.

Bio is the most important item other than your profile picture which you need to invest time and money. A great Bio will make your Instagram profile huge success, and a bad Bio will leave you with no followers or like.

Method 4 # Give proper Hashtag

In 2018  the new buzzword for Instagram is Hashtag, if you want to get more likes and followers, then you should consider using proper Hashtag.

Proper and relevant Hashtag will make your story in the proper category, which people will follow when they follow the same category. You should always include more than three Hashtag in your story to get more likes and followers.

Method 5 # Make Catchy headline to get more likes

You should always follow the latest trends and how big influencer writes good catchy headlines for their post. You should take time and put catchy headlines borrowed from other social media platform such as Twitter.

Check all the catchy headlines Twitter fans will give to their post to get more likes and followers. You should get ideas from those platforms and implement in your Instagram account.

 Method 6 # Post consistently

If you want likes and followers on Instagram, then you need to post consistently. You need to post two times a day and 7 days a week. In a recent study, it was found out that people who post two-times a day gets 33% more followers than who post one time a day. So, do not become lazy and keep on posting an article on your Instagram account.

Method 7 # follows other users to get more likes and followers

One of the best solutions to get more followers and likes is to follows other Instagram users. Try to follow all new users who did not have more followers on their account, in this way they will notice you and start following your Instagram account.

Method 8 # Host Giveaway and promote the contest

You should conduct giveaway or host contest to get more followers and likes on your Instagram account. Consider this as a one-time investment; you should host some giveaway where the user needs to give some comment to qualify for the contest. This way you will get more followers and like on your post.

Final thought

If you have an Instagram account and you are frustrated to get followers and likes on your Instagram account then use our online Free Instagram 10,00 like App  which is free of cost. If you don’t want to use application then use all the method mention in the post to get more followers and likes.