Are you looking for free Apex Legends Skins which can bring anguish among your friends and enemy?

Then, read this article completely and discover some of the awesome methods, by using which you can get Paid Apex Legends Skins for Free.

How many Types of Apex Legends skins are available?

There are more than 12 Apex legends skins are available at the time of writing, we have summaries few of them for you.

  1. Caustic
  2. Gibraltar
  3. Lifeline
  4. Bangalore
  5. Bloodhound
  6. Mirage
  7. Pathfinder
  8. Wraith
  9. Octane
  10. Omega Point

How to get Apex Legends Skins for free?

Apex legends skin can be acquired in different ways while you are playing the game. Skins are available in the item shop which is present in the Apex Legend game. You can spend game currency V-Bucks to get these using real money, or you can purchase Apex packs and get these awesome skins.

Apex Legends also introduces crafting Metals which you can get in the game or by purchasing Apex legends Packs. These crafting metals are used to infused to create special skins. You can check out some of the lists of skins used to craft special skins.

  • Legendary Skin: Needs 1,200 Crafting Metals
  • Epic skin: needs 400 Crafting Metals
  • Rare Skin: requires 60 crafting metals
  • Common skin: requires 30 crafting metals

04 Awesome method to get Paid Skins for free

  1. Leveling Up your Apex Legend Account
  2. Get Free Legendary Skin with Twitch Prime
  3. Get Free Skin with PS4 Plus
  4. Social Giveaway

Let’s check each method to find how to get Paid skins of Apex legends for free

1. Leveling Up your Apex Legend Account

You can get free Apex legends skins by playing and leveling up your account. If you level-up to 100, then you will receive more than 45 packs which will include common skin of Apex legends. To upgrade these common skins, you need to infuse them with crafting metals. You can upgrade these common skins to rare, epic and legends using crafting metals.

Always remember, to get crafting metals you need to play the game or to purchase Apex legends packs which will have these crafting metals. 

So, keep on playing and get free Apex legends skins.

2. Get Free Legendary Skin with Twitch Prime

If you are Twitch Prime member, then you can expect free Legendary Omega Point skin for Pathfinder, which is now becoming the hot item on legendary skin category. You need to link your EA profile with your active Twitch Prime account, and you will be eligible for the free Legendary Omega Point skin.

Steps to connect your Twitch Prime to EA Account

  1. Log into your Twitch Prime account
  2. Check the crown and click it (present in the dashboard)
  3. Now select the option “claim rewards from Apex legends.”
  4. New tab will be open where you need to connect your EA account
  5. After successful login into the EA account, check your Twitch account
  6. Now open the Apex legends game and get the free Omega Point Skin.

3. Get Free Skin with PS4 Plus

After the success of Apex, Legends PS4 has announced a special bonus for all players who are playing Apex legends using its gaming console. You need to have PS4 plus active membership to claim “Play Pack” for your PlayStation account.

Play pack contain many gifts and will be given free of cost for all PS4 members, who are having an active membership of PlayStation. Some of the free gifts include

  1. Weapon Skin for RE45 and Flatline
  2. Character Skin for Bloodhound and Gibraltar
  3. Banner frame for Gibraltar and Bloodhound

Get all these exclusive free gifts for just login into your Apex legend game account from your PS4 gaming console and claiming the free gift.

4. Social Giveaway

There are many giveaways which are going at the present time for free Apex Coins with a free battle pass in many social media Platforms. You can search these mega giveaways for these free Apex Coins, recently on Instagram Dexerto gives out 10,000 Apex legends coins for just participating in the message contest.

Check all the free give away which are going on presently in the social media platform.

Check in these social media to get free Apex legend coins

  1. Facebook Apex Legends Fan Page
  2. Twitter
  3. Reddit Apex legends category
  4. Twitch
  5. Instagram
  6. VK
  7. Pinterest

Final words

These are the awesome 04 methods which you can check to get free Apex Legends skins. You can also try to connect with your gaming console with PS4 free packs or Connect your Twitch prime account with EA game account to claim free legendary skin.