Today we will discuss on Guns of Boom tips and tricks, and how you can get on the top player list. So, you want some quick cheats which should be legit and working. We have summarized top 10 Guns of Boom cheats for you, just follow the article and get your score counted in the game.

Tip1. Headshot damage to score maximum:

No one tip which you should always follow is to aim at the enemy head. It will give you perfect shot and also save you ammunition. If you are not getting perfect shot just try to run/ walk to get ideal shot. Do not fire an unnecessary bullet to the enemy. Aim at the enemy head and kill him with one shot and score extra points.

Tip2. Always Gun for Killstreaks:

If you want to win any team match in Guns of Boom, you have to survive. For survival, you need to kill others player before they kill you. Try to get maximum points by killing other players and without dying. You will receive 12 extra points when you double kill (when you kill two enemies in succession). You will receive 25 points when you make a triple kill with Guns of Boom mod. So, you need to survive in the game till the end, and you have to ensure that you get killstreaks to make your team ahead of the game.

Tip3. Kill with Grenades:

Grenades are the game changer if you use them wisely, but many people are hesitant to use grenades. Think of a situation where grenades will change the outcome of the game. Grenades are your best weapon in many situations. Surrounded by 4 to 5 enemy, throw a grenade.  Enemy sniper settle is pillbox or sniper taking a higher position, throw a grenade. You are the last member of your team, surrounded by the enemy, throw a grenade and win the game.

Tip4. Always Move with your Team:

Always remember this thumb rule, stay with your team to win the team match. Whenever you are playing a team game, always move with your teammate. It will bond you with your teammate and help in eliminating enemy quickly. Think of a situation, if enemy members play alone, they will always have to fight with your whole team. If you are in front of team members, use two shotguns, if you are covering from behind, use the submachine gun.

Tip5. Best Position win the Game:

Practice makes you perfect, always check game terrain before you play the team match. You should know your scenario of the battlefield. You should know all the best position to shoot at your enemy. Try to find the best position in the game. You can kill the entire enemy using headshot damage if you are in best position.

Tip6. Big Weapon wins the match:

You should choose weapon according to game plan or team requirement. Always remember to get the big weapon with good ammo for any game. Concentrate on the characteristic of guns or weapon, which you are going to use on the battlefield. You should be familiar with the gun what you are going to use. Check every aspect of the gun before you take it to the battlefield.

Tip7. Get your Real Friends on your Team:

Try to get your real friends on your team. Team members whom you know personally always boost the morale. It will also make your trust them completely. Every team member gel together, if they know each other personally.

Tip8. Pick enemy weapon:

If you get chance, pick up the enemy weapon, when you kill them. Always pick enemy weapon when they are in advance or updated one. When you are preparing for any match or tournament, look for all type of weapon. Check how weapons are looked when they upgrade. You can only use one magazine per enemy gun, but this will save you ammo and give you the upper edge in the game with an advanced weapon.

Tip9. Use protected jacket in team match:

Do not venture into any match without protective gear. You should invest game money in buying good protective gear such as the jacket whenever you go in the team match. Try to get some updated jacket before going to the war.

Tip10. Buy New Guns:

Always buy new guns. You can upgrade the basic weapon but believe us; you need to buy new guns to win the match. Check the features of the new gun; they will be far better than primary gun provided in the game. New weapons are costly, but they will make you the winner in any team match.


If you are looking for some guns of boom hacks, you should read our article for in-depth solution. We have summaries, some top 10 tips and hack for a gun of boom. We hope you enjoy this article and implement it in your game for the best score. Till then, happy gaming.